Decreased Leadfoot Experiment UPDATE


With the rising gas prices, I decided to make  an concerted effort to ease up on the pedal, especially during acceleration from a stopsign/light.

My in-town mpg is about 18mpg.  When I first got my car, I was getting closer to 21.  Of course there are other factors that can be involved such as low tire pressure, oil change, dirty air filter. I keep hearing "leadfoot" as a cause of lower miles per gallon. 

Now, I’ve eased up from time to time, but I always revert back the next time I get in the car.  Not this time, I am focused to lighten the foot each and every time I take off until this tank is empty. 

I will report back my findings at the next fill up.


Well, after a week long experiment, I filled up with gas today.  The result?  I dropped from 18 to 17 miles a gallon!  Well, I guess I’m going back to drag racing up Bowen and swerving into old ladies in walkers again. 

Seriously, I didn’t save gas, but I did realize how impatient of a driver I truly am.