Battle of the TV Theme Songs Part 1

Tvtheme_2Alright, lately my blogging has been a little heavy and serious so it’s time to take some time for the brain cells to regenerate, and what better way than the Battle of the TV theme songs!  I know this is not real original as my friend Gage over at recently did battle of the bands "Christian" style.  But I don’t think I’ll offend him by my lack of creativity, just a hunch.

Anyway, our first battle is between two of the zany sister sitcoms of the 1960’s. 

Green Acres vs. The Beverly Hillbillies

This is a real tough match up because both songs are very popular and memorized by most over the age of 40.  The Beverly Hillbillies actually came first and Green Acres was a spin off.  There was also another spin off of BH called Petticoat Junction which is not nearly as popular as these first two. 
So after a little deliberation, I hereby name "Green Acres" as the winner!  I’m sure I will get some disagreements from some of you, so please add your comments.  I really like both because they give you the history of the show which is what good theme songs did back in the day.  Now, most shows really have no theme song at all, and that’s sad! My reason for picking Green Acres is simple, I like the show better and the tune is catchier.  Oh and also, I hate any song where the banjo is the main instrument! Real scientific eh? 



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