Vacations aren’t long enough

We returned from Enon Valley, PA yesterday, and stayed with our friends, Joe and Clarissa Calderoni. who use to live down here in Mansfield for 2 years. We did so many things together like cookouts, swimming, etc. when they were here, so 5 days just isn’t long enough when you haven’t hung out for 4 years.  We are planning to go back next summer if Troy Aikman is elected to the Hall of Fame.  They only live a couple hours from there and we went to the HOF last time we visited.
This year we went to Niagra Falls for a day trip on Monday.  It’s a cool town, and actually the first time we’ve ever been outside the USA.We rode the "Maid of the Mist" out to the falls, and it was so refreshing to get sprayed with a wall of white mist from the falls, especially since it was so humid that day.
I had hoped to post pix from their house, but their computer is pretty old and they still have dial up.  One of the few things I missed this last week.  Anyway, I think we have them talked into a new pc, broadband, and a digital camera. 
Joe and Clarissa have a wonderful home on top of a hill in Enon Valley which is a little township of about 300-400 people.  They built their home about 4 years ago on 5 acres.It was an awesome time of relaxing and doing nothing.  Joe and I did play a round of golf one day while the girls and Gage went shopping.  I came within a few feet of a hole in one. 

The 3 shots above are as follows:  left(looking back from the green to the tee box), center (my 1st shot in relation to the pin), right (sinking my birdie putt)
All in all, the trip was great and there’s much more to discuss that I will save for future posts.  – rw

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