T minus 4:09 and counting

Almost time….tick..tick. tick….tick…

The 20 year high school reunion is almost here and I haven’t figured out which career I should say I’ve been successful at. Hmm…Marine Biologist? Oooohh, how about Apostle?? That sounds real good. Let’s see, accomplishments….that’s a tough one. Gotta get real creative on that one. ……I GOT IT! I invented the internet! HAH! No way they can verify that one! Okay, future plans…..I could hearken the words of Johnny Carson when upon retirement he told Letterman that he was thinking about becoming a shepherd. That’s so obscure, that I think I can fly with that one.

Well, gotta run, literally! Gotta go lose 5 quick pounds to fit into those slacks.

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