Fantasy Football Addiction

I’m really trying to overcome my obsession with FF, but it’s difficult. My Staubach Attack is 2-0, and I’m not sure I’ve ever had a 2-0 start in my 5 years with the Harmony Fantasy League (HFL). I have been trying to make a conscious effort to sit back and enjoy the season instead of stressing over every roster move and waiver wire prospect. I think I’m getting better, except for the first week when I basically gave away two good RB prospects in Willie Parker and Thomas Jones.
My instincts were good when I picked up Parker the week before, but I got too concerned about improving my Tight End that I dropped him too soon. I might regret this move for awhile, although my reasoning was that when Staley and Bettis are healthy, that they will have to play, I mean Cowher isn’t going to refrain from playing them at all. But, you never know. As far as Thomas Jones goes, again I jumped the gun thinking that Jones would lose his job eventually to Cedric Benson (I still believe that), that I traded him to a running back starved team for Lee Evans who I was encouraged by after seeing that JP Losman might actually have a clue this year. Initially, this trade looks horrible, but by season’s end my instincts might prove to be right. One can only hope.

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