Oh, what might have been? Nah!

JvfootballteamNot many people know that I played on the same football team as an NFL Pro Bowl player who is making his 2nd Super Bowl appearance Sunday.  We were both members of a very good private school jr. high football team back in the early 80’s.   Though both of our first names were the same (Robbie Wren and Robbie Tobeck), obviously we were destined for different career paths.  Even in Jr. High, you could see that he was one of the tougher players on the team. Me?  I just hoped to get off the bench.  You see, when you’re about 4’11 and 85 lbs, you don’t see alot of action. By the way, Robbie Tobeck is on the front row bottom right corner. (can you find me in the shot?)  He doesn’t look bigger than me, of course I’m about 3 years older.  Get the picture? Anyway, not only has he played for the Falcons and now the Seahawks, but he is a Pro-Bowl Center clearing the way for the MVP (Shaun Alexander).  And yes, he is still bigger than me.   See comparison below.                     


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