People, not resources

ImagesIn Eugene Peterson’s "Christ plays in 10,000 places", this morning he was noting how our culture has replaced "soul" with "self" when it comes to describing who or what we are.  As he puts it, "self is soul minus God.  Self is soul with all the transcendance and intimacy squeezed out." 
Because of this substitution, the world around us has become consumers.  Everyone we meet is a potential resource, asset, product for our needs and vice-versa.  When did people become "resources" or "assets" instead of human beings with souls?  This has definitely infiltrated the church in general, even ours.  Heck, I caught myself referring to a church member as an "asset".  Shame on me.  I think we need to spend more time learning who we are in Christ, and less time trying to prove to people who we are.  What I mean is that we expend a lot of energy trying to impress people, and somehow convince them of some perceived value.  This is because we have become "selfish" instead of "soulish".  Understanding that we have value because God created us in His image as well as everyone else would have an impact on how we treat others. 

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