Extreme Makeover


Right now, I feel like I’m on one of those home makeover shows, difference being I’m having to pay for it. Hopefully our house will improve as much as the picture above, but probably not! 
Our house is now freshly painted, we have a new patio covering (shingles being added as I type).  For those of you who don’t know, a mini tornado blew through my back yard a couple of years ago and uprooted my old one.  Since then, we’ve had water leaking through and making our cheap carpet even cheaper. In additon, the past few days we’ve been painting bedrooms and hallways to make way for the new carpet which is being installed right now.  As soon as these guys leave, I get the unenviable task of carrying all of our worldly possessions from the computer room to the rest of the house.  Dang! It’s a pain to be so materialistic!  The race will be on in a few hours to get the living room ready for game 4 of the Mavs-Suns.  Hmm, maybe I should email Mark Cuban and see if he will foot the bill for my remodeling.

When all is complete, I’ll post some pix.

Later, rw

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