Embarrassed Mavs Fan

CubanI’m embarrassed to be a Mavs fan today.  Not because our team gave up 3 losses in a row to the Heat.  Not because we look poised to throw away a golden opportunity to win a championship, which took 26 years to obtain and who knows about the next time. 
I’m ashamed to call myself a fan of the Dallas Mavericks today because the face of the franchise (unfortunately) hasn’t learned to lose with dignity, and doesn’t show an ounce of humility in winning. 
After his tirade of "F" bombs last night, for me it became of a final straw of disappointment.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this spoiled billionaire throw a tantrem.  After so many years of complaining about the officials, the NBA, and opposing coaches and players, he finally outdid himself last night. 
He showed once and for all his true character.  He confirmed what kind of person this guy really is.
Isn’t it bad enough to lose in heartbreaking fashion when it looked like we we’re going to sweep the series?  I would hope Mark Cuban’s childish behavior makes us all feel a little humiliated.  By the way, how long do you think we’ll keep a class act like Avery with an owner like Cuban? 
How much you want to bet Avery’s as upset at the owner’s response last night as he is about the game’s outcome?

One thought on “Embarrassed Mavs Fan

  1. I could not agree more. It seemed that the only reason he went to talk to the media was to rip them. Come on Mark, If that is how you are going to act, then dont say anything at all. Keep your 5 year old attitude to yourself.

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