I’ve been asking God to help me deal with some things the past few days.  I asked him to change my attitude.  I was hoping it would be one of those moments when you roll out of bed and your hair falls in place and you just bypass the mirror for the perfect beginning to a stressfree day!  No. Instead, God pulled me aside today and poured some nasty medicine into a spoon and proceeded to put it in my mouth.  Then he looked at me a little closer, and just poured the whole bottle down my throat.   
It tasted awful, however it could have been worse.  It came totally by surprise, and that’s where God can be pretty merciful.  If you don’t see the medicine coming and you take it real fast, it actually doesn’t take long for it to start working.  If I had known the medicine was coming, I would have built up a mountain of resistance. I probably would have thrown it to the ground. I would have devised ways not to take the medicine. I would have tried to figure out how to make someone else take it. 
But alas, I look up and GULP there it is, in all it’s bitter glory.  Yeah, it managed to skip across every taste bud on the way down, and there was that familiar aftertaste that no amount of water could cleanse. 
Hours later, the medicine has fully kicked in, and the ailment has vanished, although I probably will experience the sickness again.  I expect, however, that my immune system has been strengthened, and I will do my best to avoid activities that might expose me to this virus called pride.  The medicine?  It’s been around for centuries.  No prescription necessary, just good old fashioned humility.

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