Not much

I don’t really have much to blog today, but I feel the urge to do so.  I guess that I’m addicted to blogging for sure.  Well, here’s how my day went. As usual, I started my day off at Starbux for my daily reading.  I’m tellin’ ya, I really feel in the dumps spiritually if I neglect this time more than a day or two.  I never read like I have the past year and a half.  Since January of  2005, I’ve read 10 books.  The most life changing book so far has been "The Divine Conspiracy" by Dallas Willard.  It’s not an easy read since he is a Philosophy professor at USC, but it has totally altered my view of spirituality, the Kingdom, discipleship forever!
Anyway, enough book talk.  Of course, I went to the office and worked the better part of the day on Sunday’s service.  Found some cool videos for the holiday.  Later went to Subway for lunch with Gage.  Our new lunchtime tradition is playing rummy.  He won on the last hand.  I blame my wife for getting me hooked on this game.  After the work day, met Tina for dinner at our Wednesday night place called Barry’s Pub.  I beat both her and Gage in cards.  Quite soundly if I do say so myself.
I came back to the church bldg for band rehearsal, stayed around and talked to friends, and that’s pretty much it. 
Wow!  Pretty boring day, but hey, it’s mine.

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