First thoughts


you know the old bit about psychiatrists using word association with their patients?  since i don’t have anything of substance to blog at 11:39pm on a friday nite, then I’ll just begin typing what comes to my mind in short sentences until about midnite…then’s it off to bed.  oh and by the way, my grammer doesn’t suck, i’m intentionally doing this in e.e. cummings style because i’m too lazy to hold the shift key down.  okay….here we go

diet dr. pepper is amazing because its a very tolerable diet drink that i started drinking 3 years or so ago and along with coffee are my addictions of choice

is addiction a choice? yes and no…you have a choice not to partake in the addiction but your mind and body are trained to partake without your conscious consent often times.

why does being a baptist mean i need consent from other baptists to be me?

baptists have a bad rep and deservedly so….but for pretty much the same reasons as protestants, catholics, methodists, anglicans, and other christ bearing groups, that being exclusivity and intolerance with each other.

why do fundamentalists ignore my e.e. cummings imitation and get so hot and bothered that i didn’t capitalize christ?

why do evangelicals capitalize on an incomplete gospel while serving up hot religious goods to the masses?

why is mass such a bad word to baptists?  because it’s catholic?  what other taboos in other religions  are we supposed to avoid because it’s not in our tradition?

why do i always end up on a team with limited vocabulary when i play taboo?

why is the vocabulary of a modern day evangelist limited to heaven, hell, cross, and forgiveness.

why not other terms like abundance, kingdom, disciplines, apprenticeship, rabbi?

why is christ good enough to save my sorry butt from hell but not enough for me to hand a twenty to a panhandler with yellow teeth and a lame story about his car breaking down?

why did i worry about offending someone by changing "arse" to "butt" in the previous sentence? 

is it because christianity has an element of self awareness and inauthenticity?

if i hate inauthenticity so much, why do i have such a hard time with it myself.

i just figured the answer out.

why do i waste time trying to figure out stuff?

why do i have so much stuff?

why don’t i have better stuff?

why ask why?

does jeeves google?

what does google NOT own?

oops broke my cummings streak.

if you don’t who the heck e.e. cummings is….it’s called wikipedia

heh heh…still hate offending people so i just left heck there.

oh what the hell…the end

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