A son to be proud of


This is my latest in a list of blogs and a follow up to my i love my wife blog.  Since Father’s Day is coming up, and my son just turned 14, I got the inspiration to journal those things that cause to me reflect on how proud I am of my one and only child, my son Gage.
Recently, I’ve taken notice at my son’s writing ability.  He is a very creative person and gets a little bit of that from both his mom and I.  If you read his writings from a surface view, you might think of him as being dark, but I always can see the bright light of hope which lies beneath the surface.  There’s nothing at all wrong with this type of literature.  The Bible itself is filled with many dark and tragic stories and is not merely a happy pappy love fest. 
Anyway, I am not at liberty to share Gage’s writings, but you would be amazed at the depth. 

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