First thoughts II


Ok, I did this once before in a previous post.  It’s the old psychiatrist bit about saying the first thing that comes to mind when you hear a word.  I’m going to look around my office and spot one item, and then write a sentence about it.  Then I will take a word from that sentence and write something about it and so on…
This should be interesting.

Air vents can get so dirty sometimes.
Why do I feel the need to vent when I get ticked off??
Have you ever seen one of them big fat blood filled ticks stuck in the backside of a dog?
Was it Jesus’ literal blood that saves us?
How much of the Bible should be taken literally, and how much figuratively?
The Bible is the Word of God on paper.
Christ is the living breathing Word of God.
Do possums know to hold their breath when they play dead?
Dead ends….the end of the road or unhealthy follicles?
The end of the world…is it even remotely like we think?
Where’s the remote?
Is "The" pronounced "thuh" or "theee"?
Why do I forget to use pronouns when I write?
Forgetfulness is a handy thing when your wife asks you to do something.
Wife…ball and chain or friend?
How do chain smokers light up the steel links?
Why can’t they build a tiny flashlight into the cell phone?
Is a county jail cell considered cellulite?
How do you consider people’s feelings when they’re so inconsiderate of yours?
Feelings….nothing more than feelings….
I’ve got nothing…nothing… nothing!!!
Why do so many focus on what they don’t got instead of what they got?
When people come to church, why do they lose focus?
If church was a building, it would be so much easier to love it.
How easy is that easy button anyway? 
Bring back the button fly jeans!!
Jean Stapleton had Edith Bunker down.
If you were in the bunker who would you want with you?

That’s it…..

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