first thoughts iii

this is part 3 of the first thoughts series where i start with an object in my immediate surroundings and then write a short sentence about it. from there i take another word from the sentence and begin another sentence. sort of a word association writing game.  okay here goes

i have a denim coat

did the redcoats actually have coats?

does the word actually get way too overused in modern day language

is modernism an era of the past or isn't it always here

if its wrong for churches to live in the past, what do we make of the christ of 1 AD

when they say we need to be the church not go to church that's not completely accurate

would it be accurate to say that the difference between the invisible church and the institutional church has been neglected

as a kid i wanted the power of invisibility

holy spirit as a person or as a power?

if he's a person as i believe he is why don't we call him the holy sperson

every denomination that exists was born from the idea that belief is important

why are my ideas original until i revisit them the next day and then i realize they're retreads

whenever i look at the michelin man i wonder if those rolls on his body are treads or some kind of weird body fat

do fat hip hoppers go around saying "that's fat" or "that's phat"? and if they say "phat" are they phat?

is the difference between a hip hopper and a hip hugger simply a belt?

when professional singers belt out the national anthem on tv, then you realize at once how much production is involved in their records.

is it reCORD or REcord?

if you pull the umbilical cord on a newborn, will a parachute fly out?

if humans sky dive, what do birds do for thrills? 

it would thrill me immensely to end this post right NOW!

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