Hell. A refreshing, gospel-driven perspective!

Growing up in the fundamental Baptist world, I heard many sermons on hell.  Sadly, the spirit of hatred transformed them into "rantings".  So many who grew up in that movement, in an effort to distance themselves from the venom, have now completely forsaken all preaching of this important doctrine.  Since Jesus warned of Hell more than anyone else, we need to think deeply about its serious reality. Hell is not a mere scare tactic as it was often presented back in those days.  As Matt Chandler says, "Heaven is not a place for people who are scared of Hell, it's a place for people who love Jesus."  By grace, Jesus courts us and captures our hearts, he doesn't manipulate us through fear tactics, yet Hell is a frightening reality!

That's enough of my blabber.  Read this masterful article by Tim Keller, one of the great Christian thinkers of the 21st century! 

The Importance of Hell by Tim Keller

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