My helper

In the first days of creation, God placed man as the protector of the garden.  Protection is what "keeping" the garden is all about. Then God created woman as a helper, not to cultivate a garden, but to help man protect the purity and sanctity of God's dwelling place.  Eventually, they both failed in their jobs, man as protector, woman as helper.

True to His promise to crush the head of the serpent, Jesus entered the wilderness to restore the roles of man and woman. Now Jesus calls man as a protector of God's new dwelling place, not a garden, but a heart.  Man's job is to protect the heart of his helper. The woman has been called to help the man by encouraging him, loving him, and forgiving him so he will maintain the spiritual strength needed to protect her heart, the very heart that encourages him, loves him, and forgives him.

They will not fail in their roles because Jesus has already perfected their roles for them. He protected God's dwelling place by defeating the Intruder and left His Spirit to help his children by teaching them daily how to protect the dwelling place of God and freeing them to fulfill their roles without shame. 

Over 20 years ago, I met my helper for the first time. I haven't always lived up to my role as protector, but she has filled hers with a grace that only God could provide. Thank you Jesus for sending me this person, Tina Wren. She doesn't complete me because only you can, but she does help me draw closer to you, and that's a role with eternal implications!

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