Pre-conference observations

  ActsSitting in the lobby (i was here 3 hours early, and not sure why). Here's a report on what I've seen and heard so far.  Sitting next to a guy who was studying for an Acts 29 assessment that he is going to administer to some prospective planters this weekend.  This caused me to google the Acts 29 assessment to see what all that is about. Here's what I found out
A little later, Sam Storms, one of the conference speakers arrived and was whisked up to the shurch offices. I've heard him speak at some of the Desiring God conferences via podcast but never in person.  Here's a bio on him

I remember him from a QA panel at one of the recent DG conferences talking about the varying views of eschatology. His position was pre-mil if I recall which makes since considering he's a Dallas Theological grad.  I find the different views fascinating and still don't know where I land there. 

Finally a few minutes ago, Michael Bleecker zoomed past toward the sanctuary and was very kind to call out to me as he ran by.  Makes me feel good, not that he said hello, but that I was not the only worship leader that ran around prior to a worship event.

That's all for now as I am still an hour and a half from check in time.  Almost time for lunch. Oh yeah, saw some McCallisters on wheels go by a while ago.  Might do that for lunch!

One more..I decided to introduce myself to the guy sitting next to me. His name is Dave Curry and he is a planter in OK City.  It's cool to meet guys who are brothers in Christ. How awesome is it that this can happen anywhere in the world. 


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