Heaven is More







Heaven is

more Person than place,

more blinding Holiness than shining sun,

more Purity than morality,

more infinite Riches than sparkling mansion,

more Blood-stained trail than streets of gold,

more Sustainable Nutrition than delectable food,

more Loving Father than doting dad,

more soul-filling Glory than pat on the back,

more Endless Exploration than vast oceans,

more Infinite than expanding Universe,

more Exhilaration than human sexuality,

more Unbreakable Covenant than wedded bliss,

more Celebration than party,

more Creator than creativity,

more Melodious than music,

more Revelation than Enlightenment,

more Theo than theology,

more Transcendent than philosophical,

more Personal than friendship,

more Peace than world peace,

more Loved One than loved ones,

more Intimacy than self-indulgence,

more Joy than happiness,

more Rest than vindication,

more Eternal State than state of mind,

more Captivation than liturgical,

more Worship than worship style,

more Theistic than deistic,

more Beautiful One than beautiful city,

more Body of Christ than new body,

more Rapturous than Rapture,

more Eternal than millennial,

more Dependence than co-dependence,

more Satisfaction than thrill-seeking,

more Rescue than escape,

more King than kingdom,

more Transforming than reforming,

more Giver than gifts,

more Lover than loving,

more Life than “best life”,

more Spring than water well,

more Glory Realized than questions answered,

more Condescension than ascension,

more Ruler than rules kept

more Suffering Servant than humanitarian,

more Slaughtered Lamb than well-fed sheep,

more I AM than “I made it”!

(I could go on forever, and Heaven makes that possible)

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