Fall Back for your Joy

In a stunning and unprecedented move this week, a local Ft Worth Texas Baptist church sent their church members reminders to set their clocks “back” one hour for time change. Pastor J.W. Colvin, when interviewed about the church wide email, said, “We are taking a huge leap of faith in our people. Historically, we’ve only sent reminders to set clocks ‘forward’ in the spring time to hedge against church members showing up late or God forbid not at all due to sleeping too late. It’s our normal tendency to refrain from the fall reminder because we absolutely love it when, by God’s supreme sovereignty and our ingenuity, he uses the extra hour of sleep to fool people into coming to church an hour before start time. Sure, they’re mad as heck-fire, but at least we know we’ll have a decent crowd for my sermon. Now that our congregation has exhibited increased spiritual maturity, we felt the fall back one hour reminder is a bit of a reward for them in this life as well as the next.

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