Affection for Christ: stirred or stolen

First read this blog post  by Village Church pastor Matt Chandler.   Then come back and give me your list of 5-10 activities when your passion for Christ is stirred, and 5-10 things when your passion for Christ is stolen. Don't worry, doesn't have to be exact, if you only come up with 2 or 3 that's okay.  Here's mine.

When my passion for Christ is stirred:
1.  early morning reading with coffee (Bible and Books about the Bible)
2.  sermons by Piper and Chandler.
3.  Ministry conferences that emphasize spiritual refreshment over practical ideas.
4.  lately, poetry. writing and reading it
5.  Praise and Worship music namely Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, Tim Hughes
6.  One on one lunches with friends who are more passionate for Christ and the Word of God than I am
7.  playing piano (instrumental)
8.  playing guitar while singing praise music
9.  blogging
10. Time with my family outside of the house

When my passion for Christ is stolen:
1.  watching tv reruns or excessive tv in general
2.  spending too much time online
3.  listening to griping and complaining
4.  obsessing over my fantasy football lineup
5.  worrying about the Cowboys, Mavs, and Rangers (ok, i actually gave up on the Rangers years ago)
6.  playing out negative scenarios in my mind before they happen
7.  fixating on material desires
8.  thinking about what others think about my actions
9.  legalism – by others and from myself
11. when my family time lacks quality, like sitting in front of a tv show but not interacting with each other
12. spending too much time over ministry practices and pragmatism.

Alright, I could write more but then i would start losing my passion for Christ. : )  Remember, these activities are not spiritual in of themselves, but are often contributors to our passions and energies.  If you cheated and didn't read the Chandler post, please go back and do so. 

Come on, give me you lists.  I'd like to see at least 20 comments.  Blessings, Rob