The Glory in You


The eyes clothed in darkness haven't a clue
to the unseen Glory found in You.

Swaddled in lies consigning their gaze,
they wander about in a spiritual haze.

With fervor they seek, grasping at hope,
ignoring the nothingness for which they grope.

Unfamiliar with light and it's glorious effects,
in weariness they remain perplexed.

Then grace uninvited ushers a gleam,
igniting a faith in a glory unseen.

What begins as a flicker turns into a flood
that washes away the blinding mud.

By a word of creation, death becomes life,
and with it an abundance of spiritual sight.

Though seasons of darkness threaten their view,
theirs is sustained by the Glory in You.

Out of the Quicksand

I felt like I was going through life and only getting worse, and that my life to that point had been such a waste that it was beyond any hope of redemption!

For 6 months I’ve been putting off this post that I’m about to write.  For obvious reasons, it is of a very personal nature and fact is I haven’t really wanted to go back to places that God has carried me through.  I always knew deep down that I would share what I’m about to write, but it was always too soon and too fresh to do so.  When I woke up this morning, I didn’t have a clue that I would be writing this post, yet after my morning devotion, God has urged me to do so now. 
Even now there is a inward trembling taking place as I contemplate what I’m about to write, yet my hands are steady and the heart is ready. 

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