Matt Carter – Calling of a Church Planter

  Matt-carter2 callings

Primary – to Jesus Christ

Secondary – for Jesus Christ

The gospel will never be effective THROUGH your life until it's effective IN your life.

Carter asks potential staff hires this question. "when was the last time the gospel brought you to tears?"  He said, "If they can't answer that question, I don't hire them. Why? I don't want to go into battle with someone whose heart Jesus has not moved." 

 He asks the question of the church planter, "how certain are you of your calling."  Am I ready to walk away from anything.  Am I willing to count everything as loss even if I never gain it back."

The assurance of the calling will determine whether you endure in this ministry or you quit.

Satan will come after your calling in the following ways:

When discouragement comes – eg ..when you find out one of your members has been bashing you behind your back, when a couple you have counseled a year finally decides to divorce

When doubt comes – eg.about your ability to lead, your ability to preach/teach

When temptation comes – eg..late at night when you and wife have had an argument…in front of a computer screen, when on a flight a woman sitting next to you flirts with you,

When failure comes – eg….your church plant fails and you have to start over,

When sickness comes – eg..cancer


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